Seoul Int’l Children’s Film Festival (SICFF), formerly known as Seoul Guro International Kids Film Festival (GUKIFF), presents a new festival identity as it has changed its name. In the meantime, it has laid the foundation for the film festival based in Guro District, and now its aspiration is to grow beyond Seoul and represent Asia’s children’s film festival.
The film festival is also known as SICFF. Its sound reminds us of the children with a bright smile. The logo emphasizes the shape of ‘S’ embodying the smiley face of children and imprints the new name of the film festival by using the graphic images, harmonizing intuitive and clear straight lines and curves. Also, the letter images of I(nternational) and C(hildren) side by side look like an alphabet K, which leads to ‘K(ids)’ of ‘GUKIFF’ and continues the history of the film festival.
The ocean blue color, the signature color that will determine the mood of the film festival, is impressive. The color reminds us of the endless sea and blue sky, and it makes audience look forward to the interesting stories full of curiosity to be unfolded. It is expected that SICFF will be newly identified through the ocean blue color that will bring vitality to the festival and a ‘point color’ which will be introduced annually.